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Crazy about Letterpress!

You might be wondering what all the talk is about! What is letterpress? Here is a brief history of letterpress, and the reason why we think it is so great. Letterpress is the oldest printing process on earth. In the 1400’s, Johannes Gutenburg invented the first letterpress. It was used to print newspapers, brochures, books and much more. Individual wooden letters were arranged in a text format onto a metal plate, the plate was then dipped in ink and pressed into thick paper. When the twentieth century happened, the letterpress seemed old and outdated. It was not used for many years due to more efficient ways of printing. Though letterpress is not the easiest form of printing, it holds a special place in our hearts. For it is the difficulty of the task that makes it so special. The result of the letterpress is something unique, beautiful, and a one of a kind product for you. Nothing can quite compare to letterpress, and we are going crazy over it at Georgia Ann’s Paperie. Carrying a few amazing letterpress lines, schedule an appointment to look at all of the letterpress options for your wedding or next event.